Agency: MediaMonks

Client & Project: Uber - Safety Global Campaign

I was the lead producer of the team who carried out the successful delivery of 2 Global Transcreation campaigns for 25 markets in 19 different languages for Uber HQ in Amsterdam. This project included deliverables on TV, cinema, DOOH, OOH, Print, Dynamic Digital Display, social media and, ad hoc units per market. The project had an estimated value of €700,000.

What was the challenge and how we tackled it

Uber briefed us to implement a transcreation production across 25 markets in 19 languages. We were provided with the master assets in English, I organised a team of 25 people to work the different channels of deliverables in parallel. In total, we delivered more than 2,500 deliverables not missing a single deadline during the 6 months that the process lasted.

What I did

1. Organise with Uber the delivery of the masters and the best format for it.

2. Pre-production of the project: negotiation of the budget and timings plan. Resources assignment.

3. Monitor all budget and production activity on the project and communicate with the team in order to meet project deadlines.

4. Coordination of the Video edition, Print and Digital Display to reassure the adequate delivery in terms of quality and timing.

5. Financial control of the overall project and development.

6. Collaboration with the accounts team to manage the client.

7. Act as production lead during the whole development of the project.

Banners and Print deliverables in different languages

The outcome

The delivery of more than 2,500 deliverables across 25 markets were deployed, we hit every deadline and with the highest quality standard.

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