Agency: Grey London

Client & Project: Carlsberg Group - Tuborg - Open Lives Chatbot

I was the digital project manager who managed this unique digital campaign. We created a Chatbot that invited users into the lives of celebrities and influencers as part of a new global campaign. The Open Lives Chatbot helped people to explore their own city through the eyes of another person, taking them to bars, gigs and hidden locations they might never have experienced – all powered by local Tuborg influencers and celebrities, integrated with localisation services, language learning AI, audiovisual content, discounts codes and hosted on Facebook Messenger.

Tuborg Facebook Chatbot ads

What was the challenge and how we tackled it

Tuborg wanted to reach young people globally in a different way. In previous campaigns, the music was the vehicle to get to them, but in this new effort the brand wanted to be positioned as a modern, cutting-edge company, and technologically relevant. As part of the same campaign we elaborated a new stylish and modern visual brand language, we launched these Chatbots, a new TVC, and an interactive video which presented emerging artists around the world.

This idea was born during the pitch that won the account for Grey, and became a reality months after.

What I did

1. Lead the digital part of the pitch that won the account for Grey London.

2. Pre-production of the project: implementation of budget and timings plan. Resource assignment.

3. Negotiation with the development third parties, and coordination of teams in New York, Turkey, Serbia and China during the process.

4. Management of the creative, UX, design and development teams.

5. Negotiation and management of the deployment of the Chatbots on Facebook during the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

6. Management of the production and film crew hired to create video, Gifs and the rest the content for the Chatbots and their media campaigns.

7. Delivery of the Chatbots and implementation of the guidelines for the ideal localisation process.

The outcome

Tuborg was positioned as markets leaders, and a reference point in social media for their target public. The Chatbot got hundreds of people across the world to actually leave their houses and follow the Chatbots across their cities, making a unique brand connection. These Chatbots were the perfect mix of online and offline experiences.

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