Agency: Grey London

Client & Project: GSK - Pronamel - Strong for the Day Ahead

I was the digital project manager who managed this integrated digital campaign. The final deliverable was a toolkit containing 3 influencer content videos for mobile and desktop, 1 oral health video, 15 standard banners, a global campaign landing page, 3 Facebook canvases and Youtube channel assets.

Strong for the Day Ahead Responsive Landing Page

What was the challenge and how we tackled it

Pronamel came to us with a brief to producer an integrated digital campaign using influencers. The main challenge was in the design stage, the request was to refresh the digital branding which was outdated. The result was that we created a new digital brand image; which was subsequently adopted by Pronamel as their new global digital campaigns.

For this whole project we the concept, shoot, design and developed all the assets required for this brief. The shoots were organised with our partner company Hogarth, and they were carried out in London, Mallorca and Dubai.

Lilly Sabri MPU (300x250) Banner Storyboard

What I did

1. Receipt and analysis of the initial brief, and implementation of the debrief.

2. Pre-production of the project: implementation of budget and timings plan. Resource assignment.

3. Pre-production of the shoot overseen the production for the digital assets.

4. Brief and management of the new digital branding creation process.

5. Post-production process overview, including client communications to explain the process step by step.

6. Banners, Facebook Canvas, landing page and Youtube assets production management including UX, Design and Development.

7. Delivery of the global toolkit and implementation of the guidelines for the ideal localisation process.

The outcome

The new digital branding was adopted by Pronamel in later campaigns due to the great reviews they got from the customers and the GSK management.

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