Agency: Edelman

Client & Project: Polar - Ignite 3 Launch

This was an online event to present the new Polar product, the watch Ignite 3. After the launch of several products, the aim was to position Ignite 3 as a leader in its category, and feature the personalised data that the Polar devices are able to track and process.

I led the whole creative and production process from the initial request to the final delivery.

What was the challenge and how we tackled it

Polar had 3 objectives with the brief to Edelman Amsterdam. The first one was to secure the media coverage, including that media that didn't attend the actual launch event. The second goal was to get attention from life style media with an earned campaign, and finally they asked to leverage the power of influencers in the media event.

Polar is a brand very focused on the  scientific accuracy, and Polar has been positioned as the world leader impersonal guidance for fitness, sport, and health. The plan was to also strengthen the awareness of the brand position against the competitors within the life style space, so the strategy was to use storytelling and beautiful design to attract the target audience.

The client shared a marketing strategy they had been developing around the circadian rhythm and shared that the Ignite 3 was packed full of features and data designed to help people better understand their body’s natural circadian rhythm and harness it to get even more out of every day. At the same time, we learned that their target audience, Gen Z, are constantly in search of holistic wellbeing and they expect technology to help make them ‘better’ and help them better understand their individual body and needs.

The insight we uncovered is that no two rhythms are the same and neither is our data. As a brand built on data and guidance, Polar had an opportunity to tell a story about individuality. The Ignite 3 was the perfect lifestyle product to give consumers a deeper understanding of their individual circadian rhythm, helping to improve and compliment their own unique lifestyle.

The creative idea was developed In collaboration with the data artist, Kirell Benzi. We collected the watch data wore for 15 days by 3 unique individuals with different life stories and life styles, and with the help of Kirell we created 3 pieces of Art that feature the data and the differences in lifestyles in a visual manner. 

To launch the Ignite 3 and display the artwork in a spectacular way, we hosted an engaging livestream media launch event. ​The launch event went live under embargo a day before product launch and was repurposed on Polar channels for consumers on launch day. ​Media learned about the launch of the I3and afterwards received media materials including press release, images, video and a product fact sheet.

What I did

1. Creative concept creation in close collaboration with the Data artist and the client to navigate the different production challenges

2. Pre-production of the project: implementation of the timings plan, budgeting and resources assignment.

4. Oversee junior producer who run the day to day production tasks.

5. Coordination of all the stakeholders, the client, the online event agency, the film crew and the creative team.

6. Main point of contact for the client for the production of the online event.

7. Act as production lead during the whole development of the project overseeing the full team and correct compliance with budget and brand guidelines.

Images from the Launch Online Event

The outcome

Awareness got excellent results with 169,000,000M users.

The media event engagement was very good with 200 journalist joining the event.

The event was covered in 402 articles and media across the world.

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