Agency: MediaMonks

Client & Project: Lufthansa - Life Changes Places - Image Recogntition Web App

I was the lead producer of the team who produced a web app that uses image recognition capabilities through Google Vision AI. The project included concept, UX, design, development and deployment in the German market. The success of the initial product launch led to a second phase rollout on the website to 11 new markets in countries such as China, Argentina, US, Switzerland, Mexico among others.

What was the challenge and how we tackled it

DDB Hamburg asked us for help to develop a brilliant idea that they had. The brief was to create a web app that could recognise objects in pictures uploaded from the users, and recommend destinations around the world related to those objects which had the potential to change their lives.

Using black magic and Google Cloud Vision, we designed and developed an AI-powered activation that lets you take a picture of your current view and get recommended destinations around the world to fly to with Lufthansa.

What I did

1. Organisation of the pre-production workshop to gather all UX and creative requirements.

2. Pre-production of the project: negotiation of the budget and timings plan. Resources assignment.

3. Research and negotiation of potential Image recognition APIs. Finally Google Vision was the best choice.

4. Coordination of the UX, Design and Development of the project to reassure the adequate delivery in terms of quality and timing.

5. Coordination of the localisation process to 11 countries, including China where it was integrated in WeChat.

6. Main point of contact for the client for the full project cycle.

7. Act as production lead during the whole development of the project.

The outcome

Millions of users discovered their life changing places thanks to this web app, and Lufthansa was so happy with it that it was subsequently rolled out to 11 more markets.

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