Global parodontax Responsive Website


Agency: Grey London

Client & Project: GSK - parodontax - Global Website Production

I was the project manager who led the team through the full project cycle. I managed the creative, UX, design and development team who produced the parodontax global website.

What was the challenge and how we tackled it

parodontax had a limited amount of time to design, develop and localise a new global website for over 40 markets. We decided to streamline the process using an agile project plan which would allow us to deliver the whole programme in 6 months.

A creative, UX and design team was put together to create a beautiful website displaying a style never seen before in the sector. We implemented a new digital brand identity for parodontax which was adopted as a benchmark for their subsequent digital campaigns.

The development process used an agile methodology which allowed us to created a full toolkit and templates in the AEM CMS in around 8 weeks. The next step was to create a programme organise in priority waves, which enable us to localise the website for over 40 markets in 6 months after kick-off date.

What I did

1. Take the initial from the client.

2. Implement a feasible budget and timings plan which can meet client expectations.

3. Organise and coordinate the resources to carry out the project plan.

4. Brief and oversight the UX, Design and Development teams to reassure the correct delivery of the project.

5. Preparation of the Global toolkit for the markets localisation process.

6. Implementation of the tools for the localisation manager.

The outcome

The parodontax global website concept and design was delivered within 6 months. The global toolkit was localised in over 75 markets.