Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Client & Project: Toyota - Quarterly Tactical OLA - Dynamic campaign

I was the digital producer that coordinated the team who created the concept, designed and developed a dynamic banners campaign, which launched around 1,200 banners every quarter in from 2015 until 2016.

What was the challenge and how we tackled it

Toyota used to release hundred of banners every quarter to promote the launch of the new cars launches. All the releases were similar and they took around 6 weeks to produce each set of banner for every car. Due to the length and expensive production process, not all available cars could be promoted every quarter which was inconvenient for Toyota.

The solution was to build a dynamic engine using the DoubleClick platform.

We created 5 different templates for 5 different banners sizes showing a new brand creative and seamless animation. Once these templates were created they allowed us to produce hundreds of banners in only a few hours, as opposed what happened before where it took weeks for each car.

What I did

1. Research and DoubleClick coordination to create a pitch proposal.

2. Pre-production of the project: implementation of budget and timings plan. Resource assignment.

3. Concept and design process overview, managing the day to day operations.

4. Development process overview, including client communications to explain the process step by step.

5. Coordination with Zenith Optimedia for a successful delivery.

6. Delivery of the 5 templates in DoubleClick.

7. Quarterly management and update of the templates to create banners for all Toyota car models available, this was approximately 1200 banners per quarter.

4 banner end frames created using the 970x250 template

The outcome

The dynamic banners engine ran for some years resulting in the production of more than 10K banners, saving Toyota hundreds of thousands of pounds and weeks of work.

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