Agency: Scholz & Friends

Client & Project: Sanofi - Dulcolax Global Activation Campaign

Dulcolax is a well known brand across the world, but the market research was showing some insights about the lack of emotional connection of the brand with their customers. In parnership with Scholz & Friends, we created a campaign that connects with the consumer in a emotional level, the result was increase in market shares and higher sales volumes.

I led the production and client communications at MediaMonks side during the project production.

DulcoSoft Print Ad

What was the challenge and how we tackled it

Sanofi wanted to increase the market share in the main markets across the globe, the research insights show that the brand needed to connect with the audience in a more personal level, but also the campaign needed to be informative and scientifically correct.

The creative agency Scholz & Friends created the concepts with our guidance, and I led the production of the campaign which involved a shoot, postproduction, sound, and development of the assets to deliver TVCs, Social media assets, Digital videos, Banners, Print Key Visuals, eCommerce display and static photography.

More than 200 deliverables were produced after 2 shoots in Amsterdam and Korea which allowed us to create assets for Caucasian and Asian markets. These assets were part of the Global toolkits that are currently being rollout across all the markets where Sanofi operates.

What I did

1. Pre-production of the project: implementation of the timings plan, budgeting and resources assignment.

2. Coordination of the film production crew, Design and Development of the project to reassure the adequate delivery in terms of quality and timing.

3. Creative production and collaborative work with the creative agency to keep high quality standards and brand guidelines compliance.

4. Main point of contact for the client for the full project cycle.

5. Act as production lead during the whole development of the project.

Dulcolax Digital Display Ad for Amazon Asia

The outcome

Our client was extremely happy with the result, the project lead to a localisation project across over 20 markets that is currently being develop.

The markets that launched the campaign gathered excellent results which high increases in sales and market shares.