Agency: MediaMonks

Client & Project: Codere - Aerofootball

I was the lead producer on this incredible project that mixed Real Madrid players with a new sport that was invented and developed for the campaign. We teamed up with Real Madrid to launch Aero Football: a one-of-a-kind sport blending football and air hockey. Inspired by arcade classics, we (literally) set the stage for the first-ever game by building a fully responsive court that reacts to goals, bonuses and sudden deaths.

Valverde playing Aerofootball
Real Madrid players enjoying the game

What was the challenge and how we tackled it

El Ruso de Rocky, the creative agency had a crazy idea which they did not know how to make a reality. They wanted to create a game mixing Air Hockey with Football where Real Madrid team could play a tournament for us to record and create content out of it.

After building a prototype of what the scenario could be, everyone jumped on board and we built the game pitch, and developed the rules of the games so it could be high paced and fun.

We also developed a strategy and creative for video content pieces that showcased the new sport and drove traffic to Codere's campaign site, where the user could learn more about the games and watch the tournament.

What I did

1. Organisation of the pre-production workshop to show the prototype, the creative concepts for the films and negotiate the final project budget.

2. Implementation of the project plan dealing with all parties involved: El Ruso de Rocky, Codere, Real Madrid and MediaMonks internal teams.

3. Lead the integration of the experiential work and physical build, with the shooting and lighting preparations so the final result would be a fully integrated range of video deliverables.

4. Coordination of the UX, Design and Development of the project to reassure the adequate delivery in terms of quality and timing.

6. Main point of contact for the client for the full project cycle.

7. Act as production lead during the whole development of the project for the overall project which involved, UX, Design, development, experiential build, film creative, shooting and postproduction.

Tony Kroos trying to score a hit
Aero-football behind the scenes

The outcome

Millions of impressions on Youtube, and thousands of conversions in the websites by users that fell in love with the new one.

The project was awarded a FWA of the day which was a recognition of the excellent craft and care that was put into the project.